Google expands Map Maker community in Southern and Eastern Europe

googlemaps-webrazziGoogle announced today that its Map Maker service is now open to much more users in Southern and Eastern Europe. Google Map Maker is now available for cartography-enthısiasts to edit the maps of Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia, said the official press release.

From now on, locals of these countries may contribute to the maps of their region by adding roads, streets and landmarks as well as local businesses, shops, bars etc.

Map Maker is a browser-based tool helping Google to keep its Maps services up-to-date. Using Map Maker, people can suggest changes to Google Maps and Google Earth about the local geography and hotspots.

Google invited users to start with adding outlines and footprints of local spots in their own village and town, and then depicting parks, leisure facilities and historic landmarks. It said, “The best way to keep Google Maps fresh and up to date is by allowing anyone, anywhere with an internet connection to contribute to the map using their knowledge of the areas they know best. Once approved, the contributions will appear on Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Maps for mobile.”

Below is an before-after example based on Map Maker contributions.


The map of Korcula, Croatia

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