Ideasoft to launch Shopio, an e-commerce platform to focus on cross-border sales

shopio-logo-webrazziIdeasoft, a Deloitte Fast500 company who offers e-commerce solutions, announced today that it will launch a highly-customizable e-commerce platform on 15th of March. Named ‘Shopio(offline till the launch day), Istanbul-based service will provide customers with a backbone of a basic e-commerce site which is highly-customizable, particularly for diverse taxing systems to make it easy for cross-border sales.

Seyhun Özkara, the CEO of IdeaSoft, said their developer team has created a platform where small and medium scale businesses can create a store within seconds and customize it using APIs and add-ons produced either in-house or by third-parties. In his keynote speech during Webrazzi E-Commerce conference held in Istanbul, Özkara said their main goal is to build an ecosystem around the platform, with the participation of API developers and regional/international retailers alike, and grow on them. Özkara said even the admin panel has been developed in collaboration with third parties.

According to the information given by Özkara, the project puts special emphasis on giving the retailers the chances to use custom-made addons to their stores to enable them sell abroad. This includes taxing and itemized pricing modules, he said.

Getting online on 15th of March and scheduled to close 1st phase in August, the so-called ‘WordPress of e-commerce” will try to attract customers primarily in Turkey and other emerging markets including Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, where the custom laws are diverse and often hard to adapt to.

Though not yet disclosed, Özkara told Webrazzi that the income model they will adopt will be “a combination of per-purchase commissions and periodical membership fees”.

We will be watching, and sharing with our readers,the progress of Shopio followings its launch. Below are some screenshots Özkara  shared during his keynote.





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