Carsharing marketplace OuiCar wants to deploy a car on every street in France

ouicar-logo-webrazziAlthough the taxi unions and government are not very happy about it, French entrepreneurs who offer alternative ways of private transportation do not seem to surrender and settle for less. As for the latest example, 2 year old OuiCar, the French marketplace for carsharing, reveals truly aggressive targets in conjunction with the announcement of a new round of funding from Jaina Capital and Ecomobilite Ventures. Company says it will spend fresh capital of €3 million in “having a shared car available on every street in France in a very near future”.

OuiCar, or the “French Airbnb for cars”, plays an intermediary role between car owners and those who need a car for some time. The owners who do not use their cars so often during the day create a page for their vehicles, indicating its specs and rental details, and collect bookings. The renter pays directly to the company who charges 30% over it for services, insurance and other legal fees.

Partly thanks to the rising popularity of sharing economy in France, where, according to RudeBaguette, car owners do not need their cars 95% of their time, OuiCar has grown to be a sound alternative for car-sharing. It has now more than 9,000 cars across the country for every taste and budget, and it targets to add more each day. It owes the popularity also to the higher mobility, relative privacy and high value for the money for longer rides this model provides to people in a country where cab rates are really high.

Okay, maybe it’s not Uber who provides luxury limo transportation and can be considered as in the same league with taxi services, But, as per the eventual effect, this system makes a sound and very affordable urban transportation alternative to taxi rides.

Marion Carrette founded Zilok in 2007 as a marketplace for objects, and reformed it into a sharing website dedicated to cars in 2012. OuiCar has started operating in 2013 after Carrette managed to sign car insurance companies.


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