Gram Games raises $600,000 from Hummingbird Ventures and angels in round A

gram-games-logoIstanbul-based mobile gaming studio Gram Games secures additional funding for the growth of Railroad Gangs, its new free-to-play social strategy game for iOS. Round A funding of $600,000 is led by the company’s previous angel investor, Hummingbird Ventures. Additional funding came from serial business angels Fabrice Grinda, Jose Marin and Tunc Yalgin.

Founded in 2012, mobile game development studio Gram Games has a team of industry professionals focused on creating engaging games for mobile platforms, particularly targeting high-frequency players. “Our goal is to provide gamers with easy-to-play but highly immersive mobile games that can create real bonds between players” says Alpay Koralturk, CEO of Gram Games. He says new funding will enable the startup to bring multiple titles to the market, starting with the promotion of Railroad Gangs.

Railroad Gangs challenges players to build and defend their city by recruiting and training an army of henchman, gathering resources, and teaming up with other players to build the most powerful union. Featuring vivid graphics and an easy-to-use interface, “Railroad Gangs immerses players in the steam and steal-forged turn-of-the-century railroad era” reads official announcement by the company.


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