Want to see more indie videos by unsigned Icelandic bards on your mobile?

Rormix-webrazziThere is absolutely no shortage of music video and discovery platforms out there. They range from mere “look what I’m listening to” apps to wider networks where you can exchange and discuss your music catalogue with your network buddies. YouTube is the prime platform to find any genre and their followers after all. But the things is almost all videos you get easy access to are often there to promote the sales of records by musicians signed up by some big music production companies. They almost entirely occupy the space. So it’s not very likely that you come across some independent or emerging artists’ works on those platforms, which, otherwise, would be the real ‘discovery’. For music’s sake, there are some apps for that now.

One fresh and already unapologetically fun example I have come across lately is Rormix. It’s an unsigned/emerging music video discovery app launched in September 2013. Users discover music videos of independent and emerging artists from among a well-curated list by simply entering favorite artists’ names. The app then offers you a selection of indie videos based on your taste. One can also search by genre or among the trending videos. And all these work seamlessly.

Founded in Manchester, UK by Amman Ahmed, Mark Wheeler, Emma Owens and Chris Farrell less than 6 months ago, Rormix is now run collaboratively by 8 people most of whom contribute non-stop to the curation of videos. It’s passion business after all and you can see it right in the selections. The lists which cover more than a thousand videos by this day, are also easy to navigate through thanks to simplistic and user-friendly interface.


The app has already been downloaded more than 15,000 times so far, with around 2000 monthly active users today, according to the figures shared with Webrazzi. The platform is fed by artists from around the world, who upload their videos, similar to that in YouTube, and confirm the ownership on the copyright. Therefore, there are no royalty issues on the table. Chris Farrell, the co-founder who is in charge of the content, says it is something they will implement in the future. They have not yet started monetizing either. They plan to start making money, and sharing it in a scheme with musicians, in 8 months time from now, said Chris.

So far they were self-funding by the monthly revenues from Amman Ahmed’s previous startup roundwaves.com. The main income model of the near future will rely basically on partnership distributions. Rormix is now the music video channel in all of major gyms in the UK, which totals around 700. Chris added that other monetization will be mostly based on pre-roll and post roll video advertising and additional B2B partnerships. As a final bit of news, they are at the final stages of closing a six figure VC funding.

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