Metaio to lead AR to become the user interface tech of the future

metaio-webrazziFor end users, a mobile phone app that colorizes or re-shapes real-life objects on the screen may be fun… but not enough innovation-wise any more, even for the kids. It’s a ‘hip’ technology for which the sky is the limit. A Juniper Research report predicts the revenue stream in AR-related markets to be as high as $1.5 billion by 2015. AR will be the user interface of the near-future according to Thomas Alt, the co-founder and CEO of Metaio.

Founded in Munich in 2003 by Alt and current CTO Peter Meier, Metaio has uniquely devoted itself to augmented reality, employing all elements of AR to develop tailor-made productivity solutions for corporations as well. It is well-known by the end-users with Junaio, a free mobile AR browser for Android and iOS, but more appreciated by AR enthusiasts with its Metaio SDK that allows to create own AP applications, be it for recreational or business purposes. Today, Metaio serves over 65,000 developers and powers over 1000 apps, making it “the world-wide leader in Augmented Reality technology” as Reuters stated in a news piece in 2011. Mr. Alt joined Webrazzi for a short interview following his keynote speech in DLD14. Proceed to the video above  for more.

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