‘Learning’ keyboard developer SwiftKey aims aggressive growth in Asian markets

swiftkey-flow-webrazziIt may be painful sometimes to type fast and long on your smart phone’s screen regardless of it size. This is where SwiftKey comes in, with a virtual smart phone keyboard app that benefits artificial intelligence technologies to learn from user’s previous text messages and suggests the next word the user may want to type.

SwiftKey was founded in 2008 by Jon Reynolds and Dr Ben Medlock who in the first couple of years had been the only staff in the company working on their fresh new idea. In 5 years time, SwiftKey has grown to be a partner of smart phone giants like Samsung, with over 130 employees, and offices in the UK, US and South Korea. They have just announced in-car tech partnership with Clarion 10 days ago. Dr. Medlock joined Webrazzi for a video interview during DLD14 conference and told about their growth plans in Asia and to new platforms.



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