Intelclinic’s bio-track device will be on limited sale around May this year

intelclinic-webrazziIf startup competitions are good for something, that would be saving the potential investors and supporters the pain and time sorting out the best among the zillions of projects. That’s how it worked for Inteclinic, a developer of bio-track devices for a better sleep, when it was crowned as the champion at LeWeb Paris Startup Competition last December. They went out for a $100,000 funding via Kickstarter, and ended up with more than $400,000 partly thanks to LeWeb victory.

Founded in 2012 by now 23 years old Kamil Adamczyk, Inteclinic is presently working on a sleeping mask named NeuroOn that wakes you up in a perfect moment so that you can sleep less and be a lot more rested every day. It may not sound unusual in today’s innovation scene where wearable tech makes the headlines. In our interview during DLD14, Kamil explained what makes NeuroOn different; It is actually a medical device for end users, which bases its calculations not only on bodily movements but also on biological metrics it collects via its sensors. Company will start to collect pre-orders in Feb and a limited bunch of the device will be delivered around May this year, Kamil said. He told more in the video above on Intelclinic’s future.

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