Wonderloop: Introduce yourself via a 20-sec video profile

Wonderloop-webrazziDo we need another employment network when we already have LinkedIn? Or any kind of matching tool when there are plenty over there? Well, if you think your posture, way of talking, gestures and everything visual are the qualities that may differentiate you from the others, then you may give WonderLoop a shot.

Launched just a couple of months ago, Wonderloop is an iOS app that gives its users a 20-second slot of time to create a video profile and tell about whatever they want. The profile should include all other info that a potential match may require.

Hanna Aase, the founder of Wondeloop and a social media pro, says the idea is to introduce another dimension to business match-making, a design that’s similar to real-life meetings. It is now signing up users on invite-only basis. You can just tap here to start your own professional video profile.

For more interesting details about Wonderloop, proceed to our above video interview with Ms. Aase during DLD14 conference.

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