Why RapGenius will be a major contender in near-future’s social networking scene

mahbod-moghadam-webrazziThat RapGenius’ punishment by Google for its manipulation of search results through ‘illegitimate’ links is already old news. What we have new today, as outlined during DLD14 conference in Munich, is the profile of a faster growing platform that is transforming from a mere lyrics sharing web site to a marketplace where the brands and people from all walks of life meet via links, without looking too ‘commercial’.

There must be exciting new ways of monetizing on a project that was launched as a hobby in the first place. Mahbod Moghadam tells us during Webrazzi the interview at DLD14 that major brands have no other choice now but taking their places in the platform should they want to connect with the youth in a candid way. But why? Because it is the new breed of socializing platforms where the young community members share poetry and consumption at the same time.

Actually, the very amateur-looking face of RapGenius makes it highly interesting and a major contender in near-future’s social network scene. The communities are the core to the system, and highly esteemed and cited by Mahbod all through the interview. About Google conflict? Well, there is none already, he says, stating they have done everything to undo their mistakes and are back on their growth path. Please see the video above for more.

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