A little literacy in coding may help you survive the future

codecademy-logoCodecademy is not only a precious member of a breed of projects like Wikipedia where profit maximization is not an issue, but sharing information free is everything. We have tı underline this again and again, that Codecademy is a groundbreaking novelty in a world full of smarty coders who firmly believe they will soon rule it entirely. Well, the latter proposition is true to some extent, except new coders trained by Codecademy looks like to give them a hard time during the process and ask for their share.

Zach Sims, co-founder of Codecademy along with Ryan Bubinski, says the 24+ million students of free interactive code learning platform will be a decisive part of the future where everything will be affected by how coding developes. It will also be the major tool for them to get and stay employed. The demand is, of course, tremendous. In Webrazzi’s video interview above, Sims talks about Codecademy’s basics and collaborations with governments as well. Check it out.

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