It’s now just one simple step to copy snippets from Mac to iOS via Scribe

scribe-logoWhen you wanted to move a snippet of text from your Mac to an iOS device, you had a few options to use up till now: E-mailing it to yourself and retrieve at your mobile, copying it to Notes that is synced across your devices, or simply memorize it! Some apps have tried to simplify the process and eliminate the hopping between screens, but few could make it as easy as Scribe.

Launched just yesterday by Hipo, a company with offices in Toronto and Istanbul, Scribe minimizes the steps of Mac-to-iOS transfer to ‘one’, syncing a smart app in your Mac with another on your iOS device via Bluetooth LE, once and for all.

After initially pairing two devices, it is just a single keystroke to send over your snippets, be it a line of address, phone number, bank account, even small-size pictures from your Mac. The devices always remain connected as long as you keep your devices’ Bluetooth functions on. You just simply highlight the piece of text you want to copy to your mobile, tap ⌘+⇧+X on your keyboard, and it is right on your mobile’s clipboard. It is really that easy, and fast too.

The snippets sent over to iOS device can also be recognized by the app, letting user to call a number right away or open a link in Safari. It works on the background of your iOS gadget and does not require switching on the app each time. You can see the history of your transfers within the app.

Downsides? Well, pairing may be a bit complicated at the beginning. One also should not try to send over large image files. I agree these are not deadly glitches for a fresh app just released on App Store. The guys at the company told me that they are still improving the system and will soon release an update free of bugs and with additional features that may include two-way transfer capability and transferability for bigger files. However, you will never be able to use it with older breed of Macs.

Scribe app for Mac sells for $2.99 and the iPhone companion is free of charge. As of today it ranks 3rd among paid Mac apps. You can check here if your Mac and iOS device are compatible with it.

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