Yandex search results to display Facebook content

yandexscreenRussian internet company Yandex has agreed with Facebook to get full access to social network’s ‘firehose’ of public data. Starting today, public content from Facebook users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, other CIS countries and Turkey will be visible in Yandex searches as soon as the social content gets published. Indexed entries will soon include other users’ comments on the posts as well.

Yandex says the agreement is non-cash and based on mutual benefits. In Russia, where Yandex dominates the search market with around 60% share, Facebook lags far behind local giant Vkontakte in social networking. The agreement has the prospects of boosting its usage in the country.

On the other hand, Yandex aims to improve the quality of its search results with the addition of Facebook content. It will use data from Facebook’s public firehose feed and, where appropriate, will incorporate articles and videos that have created a buzz on the social network.

Spokesperson from Yandex said the indexed results will cover only those visible under ‘public’ privacy settings. Profiles and posts that Facebook users chose to keep ‘private’ will not be displayed in the results.

Russia is Europe’s largest internet market by the number of people getting online, where online advertising grows exponentially helping Yandex derive a larger part of its revenues from text search-based advertising.

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