Android will dominate device shipments in 2014 thanks to rapid growth in emerging markets

androiddeviceIt should be of no surprise if 2014 becomes an even more significant year for the mobile. A recent report by Gartner confirms the fact, estimating a total of 2.5 billion PCs, mobile handsets and tablets shipment in 2014, of which more than 1.9 billion will, of course, be mobile phones. The report also forecasts that the domination of Android OS will even be stronger in 2014.

The downtrend in PC (desktop and notebook) shipments continues with a predicted 7 percent fall whereas overall device shipment increased 7.6 percent, compared to 3.8 percent in 2013, mainly thanks to Android’s 45 percent share in overall device shipments. Of the 2.5 billion devices, some 1.9 billion will be mobile ones carrying Android OS.

Windows will lag far behind Android with almost 360 million devices whereas iOS and Mac OS combined will be in third place in 2014 with 344 million devices.


The unstoppable rise of Android, one can easily conclude, is due to the fact that the consumer base particularly in emerging markets are tech-savvy as well as price sensitive and the Android-device producers led by Samsung cater this population with a wide range of products in every price range. By 2017, over 75 percent of Android’s volumes will come from emerging markets, Gartner predicts.

“Mobile phones are a must have and will continue to grow but at a slower pace, with opportunities moving away from the top-end premium devices to mid-end basic products” says Ranjit Atwal, the research director at the company.


For further details about Gartner report, please proceed here.

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