Arab World prefer to talk and share music, not politics, on social networks

SosMedArabThumbOkey, most of us take it for granted, the widespread use of social networking sites in the Middle East have something to do with ‘having the (political) voices heard’. Guess what! A Q3 infographic prepared by GO-Gulf reveals that 67 percent of online Arabic-speaking population in the Middle East actually prefer talking and sharing about music and films on the social networks, whereas only one third (34 percent) discuss ‘politics’.

According to the graph, 40.2 percent of total Arab world has internet access and 88 percent of them use social networking sites on a daily basis. Facebook is the champ with 94 percent followed by Twitter with 52 percent. Another interesting fact (at least for some) is that the primary language used by Arab-speaking internet users is English with 48 percent. Arabic comes second with 45 percent.

Please proceed to the below infographic for more details:


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