Yemeksepeti’s new project officially introduced

Lokum.comLast few weeks have been busy for Yemeksepeti, which started new projects for its users. And, it has officially introduced, which went online a short while ago, in a launch meeting. The meeting held in Yemeksepeti Office included Nevzat Aydın and gourmet Mehmet Yaşin. is an ecommerce website that meets local tastes with users through local markets and offers products like cheese, deserts, spices, tomato paste, Turkish style sausage, and olive oil. Local tastes are brought together with taste packages categories.

Also, the products are easier to reach using its Turkey map and that’s what makes one step ahead. Gourmet Mehmet Yaşin helps for both taste choice and its blog page.

Nevzat Aydın, Yemeksepeti CEO, says is their first vertical ecommerce website other than “We have often been receiving questions about a startup other than Yemeksepeti. We have made it come true with”.

Yemeksepeti has set up its logistics network
Yemeksepeti has set up its own logistics and distribution network for project. Nevzat Aydın says that they have implemented some serious tests on their logistics network for products and adds: “Products arrive at our headquarters before delivery. Here, the products are controlled for hygiene and quality before being delivered to the consumers in packages.”

Nevzat Aydın says they have set up cold chain for some of the products and adds: “We have set up cold chain for particularly butter, Turkish sausage and bacon. We meet local products with consumers, without compromising their tastes using dry ice.” is now offering local tastes from 50 producers to consumers. Nevzat Aydın said in the meeting that the company has received many offers from a large number of companies in Turkey so far, but they prefer not to make business with every producer. Nevzat Aydın adds, “If we worked with every company who contacted us, we would be doing business with 250 companies now. We won’t be working with 250-300 producers. The tastes that Mehmet Yaşin recommends will be on the site”.

Lokum Turkey map

Products are delivered to the consumers as a single parcel
There is no limit on product order with But, the products on the site are not very few in amount, like 150 gram. says the products are at least half a kilogram, and prices are between 15 TL and 250 TL. The orders are delivered to consumers in single packages.
Mehmet Yaşin says the criteria for choosing the products are quality, hygiene and taste.

Yemeksepeti offers niche products that cannot be found in the market with project. We say it’s an important step that the company has set up its own logistics network and cold chain for Turkish ecommerce.

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