Yemeksepeti has a stronger hand for its ecommerce journey with is one of the most successful startups in Turkey, and though it owes its growth to the food orders, it doesn’t stop making use of new ideas. One of those ideas is, which has been providing services to restaurants for some time.

İ is a private shopping website that offers sales products and services to Yemeksepeti member restaurants. Its product range extends from food products to accessories, and kitchen devices to furniture and textile products. You can even purchase motorcycle supplies and paint and white wash services. Positioning itself as a marketplace, the website also shares industrial news for restaurants.

There are two reasons why Yemeksepeti put signature to this startup. First is to promote the products of producers aiming restaurants and sell them (for reasonable prices), and second is to offer solutions that will make things easier for member restaurants, which they consider partners. So far, Yemeksepeti has fulfilled both its aims.

İ has been offering various deals for Yemeksepeti member restaurants in Istanbul for the last 3-4 months, and it has enabled Yemeksepeti member restaurants receive orders online, while giving orders, making them both sellers and customers.


The profitability of its partners is surely reflected on the profitability of YemekSepeti and because of İ, YemekSepeti has now closer relations with the restaurants. Back in times when internet use was not this common, YemekSepeti made restaurants appear on cyberspace, and now with İ it is making it easier for restaurants take part in ecommerce activities. The feedbacks show that restaurant owners are glad that they don’t have to worry about purchasing and shipping of consumables and etc. anymore.

By now, there are hundreds of restaurants registered on İ The aim is to first have all YemekSepeti partner restaurants make use of this service, then reaching out to everyone who needs this service. So, we might see Yemeksepeti as a new player in a different area of ecommerce in the coming years.

15 billion dollars market potential
The total volume of this business is a subject of curiosity. So, considering there are a total of nearly 100.000 restaurants in Turkey, Horeca (hotels, restaurants, and cafes) market has a volume of approximately 15 billion dollars and ecommerce will surely have a considerable share from this pie.

Separate category for dispenser size water
Btw let me add that Yemeksepeti has made a separate category for dispenser-size water sale and is working with 3 brands now. So, this development might be newsworthy in the coming period.

Its last card is
If you’ve read so far down here, let me tell you that Yemeksepeti’s last ecommerce card is local products shopping website We’ll give you more information on in the coming days. 😉

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