iTunes Store finally opens in Turkey

ituns-logoFinally the hearsay information we received a while ago has come true and Apple has opened iTunes Store in Turkey. Updated with 11. version, iTunes will be more meaningful for Turkish users as it has now a store in Turkey.

The platform previously offered app sales and podcast download, but now you can purchase Turkish music and movies as well.

Apple is getting ready to take place in Turkish market officially, put out job ads and chose it leader for Turkey. I believe that it is also an advantage for Apple as it has local contents in iTunes Store and it will help local artists make money.

For the time being there is limited number of local contents, but highlighted local artists are on display. I’m sure we’ll see more contents on iTunes Turkey store each day.


By the way, the leader song of “Top Songs” is the duet “Hatasız Kul Olmaz”, featuring famous pop singer Tarkan and Turkish folk, arabesque musician Orhan Gencebay. You can ask “Is it really happening on iTunes?”, but it is totally reflecting the fact that iTunes Turkey store has opened.


One of the greatest cards iTunes Store has in Turkey will be Turkish movies, although iTunes store has made a revolution with music sales. iTunes store has opened an exclusive page for Turkish Movies, and the contents will be uploaded soon, even if it seems empty for the time being.

Original Post: iTunes Türkiye mağazası sonunda açıldı

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