Online shopping via card will exceed 150 billion Euro in 2023

BKM1We’re proud to be made our first payment systems conference in Turkey a few days ago. Ödeme Sistemleri ’12 (Webrazzi Payment Systems ’12 Conference) was great to Turkish payment sector.

Honestly, we can not think conferences without Interbank Card Center of Turkey (BKM) about payment systems. They’re provide to great data and e-commerce statics about Turkish market. So, we’re announced a our new tool at Ödeme Sistemleri ’12 conference.

We’ are already visualized all of data provided by BKM on Webrazzi Analytics (you can check it out from here, in Turkish) as well and I would like to mentioned BKM Express on this article, which will be Turkey’s digital wallet.

BKM Express, the infrastructure of which was created by BKM and which was introduced to the market as a pilot project in June, is to play a significant role, going forward, in the growth of online card payments. Today, it is possible to shop at all major e-commerce sites, which are members of BKM Express. The efforts for increasing the number of member merchants of BKM Express in recent future, which is currently available in e-commerce sites that operate in many different industries, ranging from electronics and apparels to books and flowers, are continuing at full pace.

Turkey is a huge market. Target for online shopping via cards in 2023 exceeds 150 billion Euro and all of numbers about Turkish e-commerce market keep growing. BKM Express, one of the most important building blocks of BKM’s objective of “Cashless Payments in 2023”, is becoming the address of easy, fast and secure online shopping.

Dr. Soner Canko, CEO of Interbank Card Center of Turkey (BKM) highlighted that the habits in payment systems are also changing as the lifestyle changes. Canko said,  “Online shopping is growing fast in Turkey. It is estimated that card payments will reach to 15 billion Euro this year in e-commerce. And it is aimed to exceed 150 billion Euro in 2023. We, as BKM, are also making a contribution for online card shopping with BKM Express, which forms one of the main building blocks of our ‘Cashless Payments in 2023’ objective.”

Online card shopping, which achieved an annual growth rate of more than 50 percent in Turkey in the last 5 years, is continuing to develop. Interbank Card Center of Turkey (BKM) is playing a significant role with BKM Express, the payment platform that BKM prepared for online shopping.

Free membership, free usage!

All merchants that accept online payments can apply for BKM Express application free of charge. No extra fee is claimed for any payment made via BKM Express application. All agreements made between the banks and merchants that are using BKM Express application continue to be effective. In addition, while the cardholders that are members of BKM Express are making payments at member merchants, they benefit from all payment options that are available to cards issued by national issuers on physical POS devices, such as installments, depending on the agreement between the merchant and the bank. Currently, the debit and credit cards of Akbank, Bank Asya, Finansbank, Garanti Bankası, ING Bank, TEB, İş Bankası, Vakıfbank, Yapı Kredi Bankası and Ziraat Bankası can be added to BKM Express. The efforts for including all banks to the system in recent future are continuing.

BKM express is the best way to get your digital wallet just in a few minutes. Finally, BKM prepared a some TV ads. I loved all of them, so much fun! 🙂 You can watch through YouTube.

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