closed down, founded by Serdar Yaman and gained investment from Gittigidiyor founders, officially announced that it stopped operations. The official statement was, “We have stopped our sales operations as of 30 November 2012 for an indefinite time.” 

The startup was started in 2005, and had been a good example of shoes vertical for 7 years; so we were shocked at this sudden closedown. You can read below that all orders that have been given until today will be delivered without any problems.

We have talked with Serdar Yaman, founder and general manager. Serdar says has not gone bankrupt and it has started a liquidation process. He explains that the company has been looking to create new financial sources and meeting all investors in Turkey market, but has not succeeded in finding a new fund. 

Serdar has mentioned that, particularly after Gittigidiyor sales, there has been a split of vision between him and his partners, and adds that he and the partners have decided to go different ways. Serdar says the company has not bought new goods in 6 months, and that they have been making some meetings to sell the website as it is, but they did not obtain a result.

Below is the official statement about closedown.

Dear Customers,

As the first online shoes, bags and accessories shop in Turkey, we have worked round the clock to provide the best and the most reliable service for our dear costumers since 2005. However, we have stopped our sales operations as of 30 November 2012 for an indefinite time.

The orders given until 30 November 2011 00:00 am will be delivered to our customers, without any problems and with the quality and speed as you have always relied on. For the orders until that day, you can reach us at for all support requests.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of our customers, who have provided full support both morally and materially and showed their affection, to more than 70 suppliers of our brand and to all our employees who have always worked devotedly.

Kind regards,

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