New E-commerce move from Dogus Group with South Korean Partners:

You will remember that in June we wrote about Doğuş Group’s ecommerce plans based totally hearsay information, following the strategic partnership agreement it signed with South Korean SK Group. Since then, Doğuş Group has made major steps and a new startup, Doğuş Planet was born, and the ecommerce startup, being the first product of the partnership started to be bandied about in industry lobbies.

Our sources close to the company believe that Doğuş Planet is getting ready to market its new startup “Numara 11″, which is based on B2C. We thought that the startup, which will be online at, would make use of GittiGidiyor model in the first days. However, we have talked to some sources today, and they think that the startup, which targets B2C instead of C2C, will have the format of, sister website of limango. But my personal opinion is that Numara 11 will still be a competitor for GittiGidiyor with its B2C model.

We have heard that Doğuş Planet, reaching a team of 80, will make Numara 11 online in the first months of 2013.

As you will remember, in June 2012, I wrote about this in an article and said:

Considering the competition between, the leading ecommerce – marketplace would be a better word- service in South Korea by SK Group, and and , which are owned by eBay Korea in the local market; it seems that in the short term the parties in internet market will be in a fierce competition in Turkey. Btw, had 23 million subscribed users in December 2011. that I mention at the beginning of the article is in fact the startup which gave its name to “Numara 11″, or, to be released in Turkey. The website is very competitive with eBay in South Korea, and we have also heard that it will make a great launch with serious budgeting in Turkey.

Our sources close to the company have also shared the company logo with us. The company officials have not made a comment yet, but we might have detailed information in the coming days.

And we will update you with new details.

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