There are nearly 20 million internet subscribers in Turkey

btk-2012-q3-225x129Information and Communication Technologies Authority (ICTA) published industry data for 3Q 2012. The number of internet subscribers in Turkey is close to 20 million, the number of DSL subscribers continued to fall, as it did in previous quarters.

Currently there are 19.3 million internet subscribers in Turkey, while 19.2 million of them go online with broadband connection. This number was 12.8 million in 3Q 2011, which is way exceed by 18.3 million last quarter. The industry has recorded a growth of 6 percent, and 1 million new internet subscribers were added last quarter.

It is a fact that the number of DSL subscribers started to decline since the last three quarters; this decline continued, yet in a small scale, in 3Q 2012: 2Q had 6 million 632 thousand DSL subscribers, and 3Q had 6 million 602 thousand subscribers with a 0.5 percent decline.


The number of fiber internet subscribers has exceed 500 thousand

One of the major reasons of this decline is of course fiber internet. It is used more commonly now, as ICTA reports for 3Q reveal: 2Q 2012 had 469 thousand fiber internet subscribers in Turkey, now this figure is 548 thousand for 3Q 2012, with a 16.8 percent growth.


At mobile internet subscribers’ side, the growth has sped up. 8.7 million subscribers went online using their mobiles last quarter. This number has reached 9.6 million with 10.2 percent in 3Q 2012. The report also reveals that internet use from mobile computers, including tablet and 3G modems, has grown by 4.5 percent and reached 1.8 million subscribers.

Data use by mobile has increased by 24 percent

And here are the figures for data traffic: There is a data volume of 18 thousand 618 terabyte with only mobile devices and this is 24 percent higher compared to 2Q 2012. The data volume of constant broadband subscribers is 531 thousand 239 terabyte, while 90 percent is download and remaining 10 percent is upload.

Considering ICTA figures published on its website, we can say that the same trends rising in the previous quarters are still on the rise in 3Q 2012. The number of internet subscribers continues to increase, though not on a large scale, but particularly in Istanbul the companies are far from being sorry for investing in fiber internet. You can tell this by looking at the figures, DSL subscribers decrease in number, while it is the opposite for fiber subscribers.

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