Rocket Internet terminates operations in Turkey!

We have been hearing about it, but haven’t shared it with you as we didn’t have any confirmed information so far. Today, as we got the news confirmed by quite a few employees, Rocket Internet is shutting down its operations in Turkey.

We have got in contact with many Rocket Internet employees, who confirmed today that some groups inside the company were notified about the decision to halt operations in Turkey and pull out of Turkish market. So, this news is quite true and reliable.

We have also learned that Rocket Internet e-commerce websites in Turkey will also be shut down. These websites will be making only sales and not purchase within this process, and will go offline in the coming weeks or months.

However, we have also learned that Rocket Internet’s websites including, and might be sold. We are yet to be certain if there will be some kind of agreement for the acquisition of these websites or if there are any, but today we’ve received some hearsay information about some groups being interested in and

In the latest weeks we have constantly been hearing news about dismissals at Rocket Internet, which currently has nearly 400 employees. It is likely that a large number of people will lose their jobs if the operations are halt.

I see this development a bad news for Turkish market, and we will update you with further details and official explanation from the company.

Update: Deniz Turkoglu, one of employee of Rocket Internet Turkey, shared a last photo on Twitter. They seems happy even after the bad news, we hope they will continue to be happy.

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