Ideasoft makes minority shares available for major partners

There has been a new investment in Turkish etrading industry, but for software this time. IdeaSoft, meeting small businesses with etrading by its etrading software, has sold its minority shares.

Ideasoft, started by Seyhun Özkara, Fatih Çalışkan and Kerem Kaya in 2005, is planning to go international with the support of this investment. The startup opened the doors of etrading for more than 4000 companies in Turkey so far, and its software solutions have been used by many large and small organizations.

Ideasoft made partnership first with ÇİT Yatırım A.Ş. and Projectz. After the contract between parties that have cooperating for some time, minority shares of Ideasoft changed hands.

We haven’t received information on the amount, but Seyhun Özkara says more than 300 etrading websites are started each month in Turkey, while the number of logistics, payment systems and supply networks will increase in years 2012-2013 and there will be many new players in the market.

Who are the partners of IdeaSoft now?

The head of ÇİT Investment Company is Emre Berkin, Vice President for Europe Middle East and Africa and Chairman of Microsoft’s Middle East and Africa. ÇİT also includes Tamer Özmen, Microsoft Turkey General Manager, Ali Sabancı, CEO of Pegasus Airlines, Yomi Kastro and well-known Turkish executives.

Emre Berkin highlights the leading role of Ideasoft in the market and domain name “”, while saying the startup will go international.

While Projectz, with Tahir and Tolga Zaimoğlu, has a small domain name portfolio, along with looking for new investments.

Ideasoft is an active and innovative player in its field, I hope I hope it takes bigger steps with this investment and software industry of Turkish etrading becomes worldwide.

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