Meta Games’ first game Bhalamir: Prologue is at App Store

The first game of mobile gaming company Meta Games with founders Mehmet Ecevit ile Yağmur Hakan Boğa (founding partners of Sanalika), Bhalamir: Prologue is at App Store as of today.

The game, which has been developed for past few months, is classic hero story from old ages. Our character is Bhalamir, and we are trying to rescue the father of our beloved from a castle full of soldiers upon our promise.

The game is free and offers more features including Turkish language pack, slap combo and super armor, you can get these by in-game payment and add more fun to your gaming experience. I have played the game with Turkish language pack and had a good time, with enemy soldiers saying lines such as “Hold the gates”, ”Freeze” and “Kill him”.

We are trying to survive the enemy soldiers by sword and shield, and beat the bosses at the end of each level. The game is interesting with 3D modeling; the adventure begins at the gate of the castle and can be completed in 40 minutes, if you are a good player.

Meta Games’ first game Bhalamir: Prologue is more of a concept work and therefore it is not a long game. The company has already started to work for its new game and is waiting to have your comments and feedback about its first game.

Not: Webrazzi founder Arda Kutsal is the angel investor of Meta Games. 

Original Post: Meta Games’in ilk oyunu Bhalamir: Prologue App Store’da yerini aldı

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