Ersan Özer announced his new start-up Youlike – Webrazzi Startup’12

We knew Ersan Özer was planning to have a new start-up for a long time. Finally today at Webrazzi Startup12 conference, the secret of was revealed.

First of all let me say that the domain name, which was planned to be for a long time, was changed. The founding partners Ersan Özer, Can Karatoprak, Levent Gültan and investors Burak Divanlıoğlu, Serkan Borançılı and Aydonat Atasever have decided the name to be Youlike, and they have bought domain names and They would not say the price if Arda Kutsal did not push, but we have learned that they have paid 100 thousand dollars for these two domain names.

And what does Youlike do?

As its name speaks, Youlike is a social network based on likes. Its purpose is to match users by their likes and dislikes, making it possible to build friendships between people with similar tastes and who are alike. It even makes suggestions for their first date.

Youlike determines compatibility score between users by more than 2000 elements in 6 categories. These elements may be general items like watching movies, dancing etc., while they have very large choices like listening to ABBA.

When a user visits another user’s profile, he sees how compatible he is with the other user. Compatibility score gets more reliable as users share more information, as long as they give true answers.

With this features, Youlike go beyond Facebook for getting to know each other, and gives recommendations to users such as “talk about that”, “do this together”, “go to that place”, “eat that”, “drink this”.

Shortly, Ersan Özer is planning to make use of his experience on and other friendship/dating websites, but in a more targeted way.

We know that Youlike is a global project, and as we have just learned the items in the systems have been translated into Portuguese. The interface is already in English and Turkish, while Youlike will be translated into all common languages.

Ersan Özer says Youlike will probably begin by concentrating first on New York. An important share of its marketing budget will be for this market. For other countries, Ersan is planning to grow organically.

Ersan Özer’s presentation also shows Youlike has been developed for a year, while the software office, with a team of 3 including Can Karatoprak, is in Ankara Bilkent Cyberpark

Ersan Özer says they have not decided on the earnings model, but they can make money on various account/level pricings, besides advertising.

When will it be online?

Youlike is planning to go online in latest 1 month. Its Istanbul office is being completed right now, and the company might go international, depending on the speed of growth.

Ersan says Oğuz Göker from CPX, one of the leading players in global earnings partnership market, has been included in the project to support its marketing activities.

While waiting for Youlike to go online, we can have your comments on this news…

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