Yemeksepeti has an unordinary new office

In Start-Up Offices (Girişim Ofisleri) program on Webrazzi TV, we are trying to show you that internet start-ups do not just consist of a web site: the majority of them have interesting and fun working environments.

Each start-up office has distinctive features but some of them are exclusively built to maximize the working pleasure in the office. The best example of its kind is the new office used by Yemeksepeti since March.

When you see the pictures of Yemeksepeti office, designed by architectures Erginoğlu & Çalışlar, you will understand what I mean.

The new office of Yemeksepeti, founded in 2000, was designed in parallel with the employees’ opinions, as the primary aim is to offer an enjoyable and lively working environment for them. While doing so, transparency is prioritized and all rooms, including executive and meeting rooms, have walls made of glass.

We would need a separate paragraph to describe the new meeting room. In the office of Yemeksepeti, meeting room, which typically has special place in offices, does not have stable place. Please do not get it wrong, there is a meeting room, but its place is not stable. I guess a mobile meeting room that can move among floors is a unique concept not just in Turkey but also in abroad.

In start-up offices, it is ordinary to have game consoles as Playstation, Wii, or Xbox; but table tennis and billiard tables are not considered as common details that we can see at every office. Moreover, there are massage sofas and sandbags in the office of Yemeksepeti to blow off steam.

With a retractable stage for entertainment, bar, special positioning for software developers where they can watch the whole office, and several other details, the new office of Yemeksepeti does not fall short of offices of international internet companies that we have envied until today.

Actually, it is better not to give further details about the office as you will not only be able to hear about this extraordinary office and see the pictures but also watch it on Webrazzi TV.

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