Webrazzi Database: Turkey Internet ecosystem, all on one address

Many of our readers had been looking forward to a database that will have all Turkey internet market in one place, and they had shared their expectations with us for this kind of service from time to time. We have met their expectations, and made Webrazzi Database, or Webrazzi VT, the information source with data of companies and people on Turkish Internet market, which only you add and update.

Today we have started Webrazzi Database beta and there are only a few hundred records on it, for the time being. We started to add new records a short while ago, and as of this morning, some of our close friends were informed to add info to the database; and gave us very positive and valuable feedback.

We had, in fact, been planning to start Webrazzi Database project for a long time, but it had to wait until now, due to the development of Webrazzi in years, and all the intense work done with a small team. The Database project will be a version of Crunchbase exclusive for Turkish market.

You can add your own company and yourself to Database, and leave your comments or email to tech (at) webrazzi.com if you have any recommendations for us to improve or if you find any errors or problems for us to fix.

Original Post: Webrazzi Veritabanı: Türkiye internet ekosistemi tek adreste

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