23 April Gesture from Zynga [Video]

Games have gone beyond being exclusive to children for a long time; and average age of online gamers being above 40 is a proof to this fact. Games let us leave our stressful lives behind, providing a “breathing area”, and remind adult people of the children in themselves.

Primary target audience of the world’s largest gaming company Zynga is adults, instead of children. But Zynga did not forget to celebrate the only day for children in the world and published an exclusive video for April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

Apart from being a nice gesture, the video highlights the importance of culture for localization and community management.

As you know, Zynga got Özgür Bayraktar, who formerly worked for Peak Games, to its Dublin team for Turkish speaking countries in December. This led to an increase in contents exclusive to Turkish users past few months.

This video, published in Zynga’s Turkish blog page, reveals the fact that localization and community management is not only translation, as considering cultural diversities and such exclusive celebrations are really effective.

Zynga’s COO of Game Operations Marcus Segal had an interview with Webrazzi before, saying Turkish market is very valuable for them and added: “Therefore we want to directly communicate with players and receive their feedbacks and we are trying to offer them more each day”

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