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We had published an article about what happened in E-Commerce’12 conference, which hosted Turkish market’s dominating names as speakers and was held last Wednesday.We wanted to summarize the ideas and information given at the conference for you: The numbers particularly are very handy to keep.

Soner Canko: E-commerce will grow by 100 percent in 2012

  • E-Commerce reached 23 billion TRY in 2011.
  • There are 133 million cards (debir and credit) in total in Turkey.
  • There are 82 million debit cards.
  • In 2011, the number of debit cards increased by 17 percent.
  • The number of credit cards increased by 9 percent last year.
  • 2.5 billion transactions have been placed using credit cards.
  • There has been a cash withdrawal of 866 million with debit and credit cards.
  • 3,3 billion transactions have been placed using debit and credit cards in total.
  • E-commerce got a share of 5 percent from total number of e-commerce transactions. E-commerce has a share of 9 percent on TRY basis.
  • 3D Secure uses 8 thousand of 38 thousand cyber offices. 2.8 percent of offices use 3D Secure.
  • 3D Secure is used by services industry the most. It is followed by airline companies.
  • 12.1 million e-commerce transactions were made in December 2011.
  • This number increased to 13.4 million in January 2012.
  • The market is expected to increase by 100 percent by the end of 2012.

Seyhun Özkara: There is a large need for Ecommerce in East and Southern East regions in Turkey

  • E-commerce volume has grown by 57 percent.
  • The most used industries include computers and electronics categories by 17.93 percent.
  • The share of variety product selling websites is 12.96 percent.
  • They are followed by cosmetics, beauty products and natural items with 12.54 percent.
  • **The most rising industries are apparel and lingery, jewellery and accesories, cosmetics and shoes.
  • Marmara region is the first among other regions by 55 percent.
  • Middle Anatolia region is the second by 16 percent.
  • Aegean region is the third by 12 percent share.
  • Mediterrenean region is the fourth with 8 percent.
  • Last three regions are Black Sea region, Southeast Anatolia and East Anatolia regions with 4, 2 and 1 percent shares respectively.
  • Payment system has a major share of credit cards which is above 57 percent.
  • Money transfer has a share of 19 percent.
  • The third most preferred payment option is pay on delivery with 17 percent.

ArabNet Founder Omar Christidis: Ecommerce in MENA faces some obstacles

  • There is a total of 70 million internet users in MENA.
  • Penetration is at the level of 31 percent and it has a growth of 60 percent in MENA.
  • E-commerce market volume is 4 billion dollars in the region.
  • Quwait and Qatar have the largest e-commerce volumes in MENA, a total of 2 billion dollars. They are followed by Saudi Arabia with 500 million dollars. Egypt is the 3rd with 300 million dolar volume.
  • 33 percent of the users in the region always shop online.
  • Airlines is leading industry that attract users in MENA.
  • The studies show that 43 of the users in region has confidence in e-trading.
  • 53 of the population does not hold a credit card.

Doğan Online CEO Yenal Gökyıldırım: 2012 aim for turnover is 1 billion TL

  • Doğan Online aims to achieve 1 billion TRY turnover in 2012.
  • The company’s turnover was 700 million TRY last year.
  • 100,000 people start e-commerce each month.
  • İstinye Park hosts 1.6 million visitors. While Hepsiburada.com has 5 times visitors.
  • 4 trends are expected to rise in the coming period: Barcode appilcation for mobiles, subscription systems, periodical shopping control systems and user-oriented content.

Murat Yerdekalmazer from Mikro Ödeme: Trading goes mobile now

  • First mobile payment was made in 2009 in Turkey.
  • First mobile payment in the world was made in 1997 with a Coca-Cola machine.
  • The first company to industrialize mobile payment was Apple. In 2008, App Store made mobile payment popular.
  • Mobile payment is fast, safe and secure and widely used.

Yunus Güvenen: Consider alternative channels in e-trading well

  • Earnings partnership system has 12 percent share in the US.
  • In Turkey, earnings partnership has 1 percent share.
  • Earnings partnership provides more than 12 million TRY sales turnover for ad publishers.

Altuğ İnci: Messages that are sent very frequently are flagged as spam by 50 percent

  • 1.7 billion emails were sent in TUrkey in 2011.
  • It is expected that 5 billion emails will be sent in 2012.
  • Users have an average of 3 email addresses.
  • A standard user receives 6 emails a day on average.
  • The percentage of a successful sale to an existing customer via emailing is 60-70.
  • The same percentage for a customer candidate is 5-20.
  • Ecommerce companies prefer to do emailing between 8 and 9 am.
  • 56 percent of received messages are flagged as spam.
  • Messages that are sent too frequently are flagged as spam by 50 percent.

 Hasan Başusta: Social trading volume is expected to reach USD 30 billion in 2015

  • It is wrong to introduce social trading as it is not a part of e-commerce. The common ground of e-commerce and social networks is social trading.
  • Coca-Cola’s expenses for social media had 3 percent of its total expenses 5 years ago. Now it is 20 percent and is planned to grow further.Sektöre yapılan yatırımlar, 2011’in ilk 4 ayında 2 milyar dolar olarak gerçekleşti.
  • In 2012, social trading is expected to reach 9 billion dollars turnover.
  • This number will be 30 million dollars in 2015.
  • 74% say “I like to shop with my friends”.
  • 55% say, “I would buy an item my friends recommend on Facebook.”

Young e-commerce start-ups tell their stories

  • Bebekbezi.com project reached 100 thousand TRY turnover at its second month.
  • Evim.net and İndirdik.com reached 1 million TRY turnover in January.
  • Sporcum.com delivers 200 pairs of shoes a day.
  • İndirdik.com has a 30 people team.
  • Sporcum.com works with 80 sports brands.
  • 60 percent of all orders Sporcum.com receives are from Anatolian cities.

 Ömür Topaç: GittiGidiyor targets 50 percent growth in 2012

  • GittiGidiyor turnoevers grew by 19 percent in 2011.
  • The company aims to grow by 50 percent in 2012.
  • Turkey is a “smooth bridge” between Middle East and North Africa.
  • eBay Europe considers Turkey be among Rest of Europe region, following Germany, UK, Italy, France and Russia.

iPara: We want to exist in every e-commerce company in 2012

  • There are more than 5 thousand e-commerce companies in Turkey.
  • iPara aims to team up an organisation and have talks with all erading websites in 2012.
  • iPara has a team of 25.
  • The company Works with nearly 50 companies.
  • The number of companies registering for iPara has reached 200.
  • Profitability is important for e-commerce companies now. Companies will stop trying for turnover.
  • There will be many new organisations and separations in the industry in 2012.

Sina Afra comments about Turkey e-commerce market in 2012

  • There has been agreements of 480 million dollars signed in Israel in 1980s.
  • Agreements in Turkey have started to go beyond 100 million dollars.
  • The percentage of payment by credit card is 78 in Turkey. Payment on delivery is 1-2 percent.
  • 2012 will be the year for payment systems like Paypal, iPara and PayU.
  • Average price of items sold on Markafoni is 30-35 dollars. This number can be 4 times in Europe and 7-8 times in the US.
  • Rocket Internet in Turkey can make a difference in the way investors consider Turkey. New investors will appear in Turkish market.
  • We aim to be the first 1 billion dolar company in Turkey, as a part of our vision.
  • Markafoni’s penetration increased by 25 percent once we started TV ads.

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