Twitter brand pages go online in Turkey

Twitter brand pages have gone online in Turkey, with Turkcell being the first Turkish company to take place on brand pages. Twitter use bears much importance for brands, and it started last December with 21 giant companies (being Twitter’s partners at first) taking place on brand pages including Coca-Cola, American Express, Dell, McDonalds, Intel and General Electric.

Turkcell switched to brand pages and supported a civil society initiative, which is a very positive contribution. Turkcell placed the motto “Do you have 5 liras for Van?” as soon as it switched to brand pages, asking for support for Turkey Moneybox to help Van.

Influential press members in addition to brands use twitter’s brand pages, and the first to have this kind of page has been M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu a short while ago.

Turkcell published its first Twitter advertisement with gnctrkcll last December and Avea, Efes Pilsen, Garanti Bank, Markafoni and many other brands followed it. It is possible to see a similar movement on brand pages.

Google+ is one of the most successful social networks that made progress on brand pages, while Twitter and Facebook continue to improve on brand pages. Twitter switched to brand pages with only its partners, while Facebook is expected to pass its brand pages to timeline using the same method.


Twitter offers Enhanced Profiles, which enables brands and people place visuals in profiles, the ability to pin a message to the top of the feed (when this feed has a picture or a video link, the related content is displayed). It also offers a feature that enables to receive private messages unfollowers (to communicate in private when needed), and detailed Twitter stats (full RT number, full favorite number, number of clicks on links in messages, follower rate etc.).

Turkcell Digital Media Manager Engin Gedik says;

When Twitter’s new feature for global giant brands was announced, we immediately made necessary correspondence and submitted our demand, making this feature active in our country in short time. As the leading tech company in Turkey, it was one of our plans to be the first company using this feature, as we have been for many others, and first thing we did was to make Turkey Moneybox for primary content of our Twitter page.

Thanks to Twitter brand pages, we will be able to make all content more visible that we want to highlight, and better analyze our followers. Besides, we will make many different parts and interesting uses of our brand page visually in the short term.

Twitter, which came into our lives as a micro blogging service, is expected to be a major player on both advertising and traffic monitoring on social media with these developments and attract brands more. I wonder how new and effective services like Pinterest will affect the market’s way.

Original Post: Twitter marka sayfaları Türkiye’de yayına girmeye başladı [Güncellendi]

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