grows 500% two years in a row [infograph] made a summary of its past years and shared its major growth in 5 years with us. Started by Serdar Yaman, the service received its first investment from the founders of Gittigidiyor.

The first figure at the infograph reveals the interest of women in ecommerce. Female users make up of 70 percent of all users and each of them buys 5 pairs of shoes a year. On the other hand, each man buys 2 pairs of shoes a year on grew by 500 percent in 2 years in a row, and it is a proof of the major importance of shoes for ecommerce. The numbers for order delivery of are also considerable. The items Serdar Yaman once had to keep at his house, are noe at a warehouse which keeps more than 80 thousand items instantaneously. An order is shipped in 4 hours on average, and the time to supply an order is nearly 1 hour.

The start-up, first founded in İzmir, has more than 1 million visitors per month. The number of pages visited per visit is 25 on average on the website that brings many major brands together, while the percentage of visitors who leave it soon is 0.1. However this can be the result of female visitors who are largely interested in shoes, bags and accessories..’s stats reveal that İstanbul (30 percent) places orders as much as the sum of Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Antalya and Adana. The remaining 40 percent of orders are received from other cities in Turkey.

Infograph lastly shows that it has received more than 11 thousand positive feedbacks, which made up of 99 percent of all feedbacks. This figure points to both customer satisfaction and the fact that customers do not leave the website as soon as they are finished with shopping. is one of the first major players in Turkish vertical ecommerce market and it will continue to be, as it seems. While it offers its services at a hot competitive field, the last part of the infograph particularly reminds me of Zappos. The website also shows that every start-up has unique solutions with details.

Original Post: iki yıl üst üste yüzde 500 büyüme gösterdi [infografik]

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