Can Digital Bosphorus Compete with Silicon Valley?

DLD conference held in Munich last week included a session for Turkey called Digital Bosphorus and it created huge sensation; as we are now witnessing the times when Turkish internet industry has taken its first steps a long time ago, and it has begin to run.

Let me tell you shortly about what happened in DLD conference that we earlier streamed live. Or, about what happened at Digital Bosphorus session.

The session was moderated by TechCrunch author Robin Wauters, who was with us at Webrazzi Summit last year, and we all know the guests; Alemşah Öztürk from 41? 29!, Cenk Bayrakdar from Turkcell, Nevzat Aydın from YemekSepeti, Sidar Şahin from Peak Games and Sidar Şahin from Markafoni. All topics covered at the session summarized the success of Turkish internet industry, will positive comments highlighting the point it has arrived. Most important of all, we are very far from being satisfied with the success we have had, and this is good. I must say I am as excited about Turkish internet industry, as I am for Webrazzi, because we will improve further, grow much more, will take place in international fields more often and catch the attention of the rest of the world. We will be more than guests and be hosts, in short.

I want to tell you a little of Silicon Valley, the famous valley in San Jose… I wonder if there is anyone who is interested tech, internet or software and not dream about working there? This is our dream place. As you know, the name of the valley is not a coincidence. The name “Silicon” is given to the valley, as there are many silicon chip producers that lead R&D studies there, and the material called sillicium, of course. Largest tech companies are born there, and new companies locate themselves in that area. There are countless companies and start-ups.…

What is this Digital Bosphorus?

Silicon Valley represents a good model for us, if you think that tech companies alter the name of a geographical shape. And Dijital Boğaz is that kind of name which will make Turkish internet industry be referred this way. The founder of the name is Sina Afra, CEO of Markafoni. Digital Bosphorus concept has been widely supported in social media so far, with supporters on Twitter. The unique Bosphorus in Istanbul, which admires everyone, can be the tilt of Turkish internet industry in the world. I believe that people in the industry should support this, because the name can be common if only we adopt it. Surely, the name is not only for Istanbul, but also for Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya: it should be used as a name representing all Turkish industry throughout the country, highlighting the importance and position of Turkey. So we have to make it beyond Silicon Valley and get all Turkey together around Digital Bosphorus.

People at the session talked about what a large market Turkey is, how young and enthusiastic we are, and how much we are tend to grow and go international. The synergy also showed that we will, or have in fact, started to run. As I was writing this article, I wondered if I was too optimistic. Maybe it seems so, but it is an undeniable fact that we have a huge potential. But this potential is not enough by itself. We have to work harder, and we should not undervalue this big potential. For example, Webrazzi Silicon Valley author Reyhan Çepik tweeted a few days ago. She was asked why they did not work at Silicon Valley. Her answer was short and clear: We are aware of the potential in Turkey. So Silicon Valley is aware of us! International markets are also interested in Turkey. Our country has started to receive big investments and acquisitions. We are supporting Digital Bosphorus as Webrazzi and let you know all news of acquisitions this type. Foreign investments and Turkish brands that go international… These are all works of Digital Bosphorus.

As everyone is aware of the potential Turkey bears, we are naming it now. We can really be a big market that is dreamed of. We can extend our vision with our entrepreneurs and investors, and have a stronger faith in the future. Every one of us should adopt the name Digital Bosphorus. Those who want to do something for Turkish internet industry must absolutely use the name Digital Bosphorus. There is nothing to prevent us from being as famous as Silicon Valley, if we want to. Because we are changing and improving… Please remember to adopt Digital Bosphorus, because we are all a part of it.

Not: Thanks to Ali Bozkurt for showing the courtesy of letting us use the logo he created for Digital Bosphorus..

Original Post: Dijital Boğaziçi Silikon Vadisi’ne rakip olur mu?

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