Etohum 2012 announces 40 start-ups to grow

Etohum is the most popular incubation program among start-ups in Turkey, and it has been the most active year for Etohum, organizing dozens of events in 12 months. Founder Burak Büyükdemir has announced 40 start-ups selected at Etohum Start-up Summit.

We have had the opportunity to know 40 start-ups of Etohum, which has an increasing trend just as Turkish internet industry does. I believe in 2012 these start-ups will be more popular compared to previous years, just as Etohum ecosystem will have a major place for Turkish internet in the future.

I guess this year we will get beyond being merely “an etrading country”. If the entrepreneurs continue down the road, we will be publishing stories of new investments, and 2012 will be year for Turkey that Turkish investors (angel and first level) will want to live again.

I don’t want to be too wordy, so let’s have a look at the list of Etohum 40 start-ups, with Website name, Founders and Description in order. Hope it will help you make more effective comments this year

You can find more detailed information about start-ups and owners at the bottom of the list. We will share the list of Etohum 15 once it is announced.

Etohum 2012 – Etohum 40 Start-ups

1. Faruk Erdoğan – E-learning Project based on a social education management system.

2. Orhan Seyfi Dayıoğlugil – Etrading start-up focused on bags sales.

3. OpenAgenda: Talip Taştemel – A start-up that provides functional web services to SMB’s with a SaaS model.

4. Didem Yeni, M.Gökay Borulday – A smart cyber wardrobe, sharing website for social shopping.

5. Erdem Samut – A development and education support website for pre-school children.

6. Foodback: Berk Çağlayan, Çağlar Çakar – A mobile application you can use to instantly submit your feedback about restaurants and cafes you’ve just visited to restaurant owner.

7. Berkant Kölem,Ismail Örün, Tom Reil -Michael Schramm – A real-time, location based mobile coupon platform that enables users find daily campaigns on their smart phones using QR code technology.

8. Last Moon Games: Ahmet Levent Sevgili – Mobile gaming company, a start-ups that can develop games in very short time with its physics engine and game editor.

9. A.Elif Coşkunkan, Zeynep Akın – A closed and vertical private shopping club focused on house decoration items.

10. Murat Durak – Student dormitory guide that promotes Private Student Dorms in Turkey and helps students find accommodation in cities they are new.

11. Erkan Doğan, Meriç Akdamar Kudret Türk – An online project developed as SaaS. It aims to create social networks in block residents while making residence management easier.

12. Mobil Soru: Şeref Burak Selvi, Mürsel Yıldız – Education start-up that makes tests, quizzes, practice exams accessible via mobile phones for students.

13. Mijastore: Dinemis Sabancıoğlu, Çiçek Çizmeci –  Turkey’s online clothing brand.

14. Mustafa Namoğlu, Gökalp Üstün – A vertical etrading start-up that sells worldwide popular items and interesting gifts.

15. Çağrı Karahan, Uğur Acar, Ahmet Engin Bayrak – Computer controlling by mimics (Mimic Project), Issue command to computers using brain waves and intelligent control systems (Project P300).

16. Tolga Esin, Can Elbeyli – A location based messaging application that users can use to meet new people around them and start conversations with them.

17. Ozan Yerli A website that people can use to anonymously IM with you.

18. Orkun Şahmalı An online platform that helps university candidates find the ideal university programs that suit their interest, abilities and character.

19. Lamagama: Nilay Yüce, Gökhan Ertem – A start-up based on simulations and gaming technologies. Develops games for IOS, PS3 and PS Vita platforms.

20. Talat Uyarer – An etrading start-up that sells grocery items that are packages by their manufacturer on a regular basis.

21. Alışveriş Kulüpleri: Zülfiye Avcı – This service makes it possible to view private shopping campaigns on a single point, and makes them easier to access categorizing by interests.

22. Udo Games: Andaç Altak, Gökhan Güngör, Samet Kara, Türker Karahan – Android based mobile gaming development platform.

23. Aydın Günal, Murat Duran Durguner – brings world brands and designers together, while selling jewellery and accessories in Turkey and worldwide.

24. Infodif: Kerem Çalışkan, Salih Eren Parlakgümüş – This start-up develop image processing and video analysis software.

25. Knoobl: Süleyman Uslu, Emin Sadıyev, Ömer Eldemir, Mehmet B. Kopmaz – Mobile information and education sharing tool.

26. Padmenu: Duygu Kutluoğlu, Çağatay Çelebioğlu, Adil Burak Kılıç – The service is for restaurants, cafes and bars. It is used on tablets; it is a digital menu and order system which is interactive and can be brandized.

27. Abonekit: Eda Evdüzen, Aslı Gökdere, Onur Bozkurt – A subscription based etrading platform that periodically displays items that go for users’ basic needs or interests.

28. Arif Emre Taş, Ecem Baran, Onur Dilek – GamePho app enables smartphones be used as motion sensitive remote controls for PC’s and smart TV’s.

29. Ahmet Alp Balkan, Uğur Kumru – This social network allows users share their activities instantly on their mobiles, using the verbs application provides.

30. Mobil Uygulamam: Yiğit Darçın, Halil Cem Tonguç, Cenk Çivici – Mobile application development platform for SMB’s on the web with low costs.

31. Mutualizm: Lütfi Demirci – A platform that lets developers find co-founders.

32. WASD: Ufuk Şahin – Gaming start-up that has developed browser based strategy game engine Pantheon.

33. BMsmart: Alper Kılıç, Barış Eskikaya – An SaaS solution for companies to address their business management needs.

34. Buggum: Burkay Özdemir, Murat Pak, Emre Canbazoğlu – A gaming studio that aims to develop mobile and social games.

35. Vanilyaclub: Mustafa Ekim, Beri Bener – An etrading website that offers monthly subscription and sends 4-5 trial packages of new beauty products of luxury brands every month.

36. Ü Eril Gün Ezerel, Tuğberk Kılıç, Övünç Metin – A professional social network for university students.

37. Drawium: Seçkin Can Şahin, Özgür Sayın Bican – A toolkit that gives developers the ability to channel their users’ attention.

38. Funrika – istar: Cem Nahit Köne, Mehmet Öykü Bilgiseren, Tufan Özdoğan, Yücel Fakıoğlu – Start-up that lets users create characters and play games using 3D Avatar technology .

39. Wimsh: Hayri Can Akyel, Berkay Yıldız – Social photo sharing network.

40. Kerem Işık – Social shopping network.

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