Online Banking Visitors Increases By 26 percent in 1 year in Turkey

While banking is among the fields of interests for internet users, we still cannot say there is a large usage average. We had previously learned about some details from comScore’s study on banking in the US. What about banking websites in Turkey, how commonly are they visited?

comScore report, created in accordance with the number of unique visitors in banking, reveals that Turkey is the 13th on the list, having one of the most active internet and social network users in Europe. The report shows that 9.4 million Turkish internet users visit banking websites.

USA and China are at the top two

United States with 84,6 million visitors in banking, is followed by China with 69 million visitors. The 3rd of the list has a much fewer number, that is 27 million, and after the 12th, countries have less than 10 million online banking users. Top 5 is completed by France, Germany and the UK, while Russia and Spain gets ahead of Turkey.

26 percent growth

comScore data show that online banking visitors in Turkey have increased by 1.8 million, but this can be considered a fast growth, with a ratio of 25.

While 7.49 million of 22.5 million internet users above 15 visited banking websites in December 2010, in December 2011 this number increased to 9.47 million in a total of 23.3 users.

Most Visited Banking Websites

The most visited banking website is by 3,62 million visitors. It is followed by, and the 3rd is Akbank’s website. The total penetration of top 3 on the list is 87 percent of total penetration.

The ranking changes on the number of page visits, time spent and other stats. You can find the details on the first 20 websites, and compare the averages with your own visits.

These tables do not give any info on which services these users have benefited and how, but I believe that there will be studies held on the relationship of banking industry and internet in Turkey. We will continue to share further information with you.

Original Post: Türkiye’de banka sitelerini ziyaret edenler 1 yılda yüzde 26 arttı

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