Sporcum.com receives second round investment from Tiger Global and Emre Kurttepeli

Last week  Webrazzi E-Commerce’12 Conference hosted many speakers and one of them was Sporcum.com, which got its second round investment from Tiger Global and Emre Kurttepeli.

The investment was completely transferred to the company, while share percentages are the same following the second round.

Official records show Tiger Global holds 68.31%, Emre Kurttepeli holds 29.11%, GM Ahmet Abamor holds 1.59% and CTO M. Kartal Göksel holds 1% of the company’s stock.

While company did not give official figures of the investment, official records of capital increase numbers show the investment is at the level of 1.838 million dollars.

We will provide you the accurate amount of the investment when Sporcum.com

At Webrazzi E-Commerce’12 Conference held on Wednesday, February 15, Sporcum.com GM Ahmet Abamor said about 200 packages were shipped a day. We have also learned Sporcum.com uses 100 thousand TRY for its advertising and marketing budget per month, so I guess the company will have a more active promotion campaign following the investment.

We will update you with the latest news as soon as possible.

Original Post: Tiger Global ve Emre Kurttepeli’den Sporcum.com’a ikinci tur yatırım geldi

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