212 Capital Partners to Invest in Balerin.com

212 Capital Partners is a new company, but it has not waited long to make investments. Today we have learned that it has made its 2nd investment.

Following the company’s first investment Butigo.com, the second investment went to Balerin.com.

Balerin.com is an e-commerce website focused on cosmetics. It received its first investment from Emre Kurttepeli, who is also a member of 212 Capital Partners investment committe in February 2011.

Balerin.com was started by Lütfi Gündüz and was amoung etohum’s 2010 start-ups. Burak Büyükdemir and Kerim Türe are partners in this start-up.

UPDATE: Balerin.com investment has officially been announced at 212 Capital Partners blog.

Original Post: 212 Capital Partners’dan Balerin.com’a yatırım [Son dakika]

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