DLD Turkey session ends with “Digital Bosphorus”

Held every year in Germany Munich and accepting participants with invitations, DLD conference today hosts exclusive Turkey session. The session named “Digital Bosphorus” will start at TSI 11:10 and the speakers are well known by Webrazzi readers.

Alemşah Öztürk (41? 29!), Cenk Bayrakdar (Turkcell), Nevzat Aydın (Yemeksepeti), Sidar Şahin (Peak Games) and Sina Afra (Markafoni) will be speaking at the session and it will be moderated by TechCrunch author Robin Wauters who was with us on Webrazzi Summit 2011.

Robin Wauters: “Turkey is a large market with high credit card penetration. Why do you think is this market important?

Sidar Şahin: Germany has an average age of 44, while this is 25 in Turkey. Large portion of the population is under 25.

The number of 3G subscribers has increased from 7 million to 25 million. This demography creates many opportunities.

Nevzat Aydın: Last year was a milestone. Turkish internet users evolved into shoppers from being merely viewers.

Sina Afra: There are two structural reasons that encourages e-trading in Turkey: first is credit card penetration and the second is age.

Alemşah Öztürk: There are 34 million internet users. In Turkey, almost every household uses Facebook. Users are very enthusiastic, wanting to try new things. This makes marketers optimist.

Cenk Bayrakdar: Turkey is as active as a rising market and stabile as an improved market. Turkey is one of the few countries you can reach 1 GB connection speeds on fiber.

One third of phones in Turkey are smart phones. iPhone is popular among young population but we focus on Android.

Nevzat Aydın: You used to have two options when you graduated from university. Have a career at a large, international company and be wealthy. Or be an entrepreneur, which required to spend many years of your life. Things have changed. Today you can find finance for our own businesses. It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur. You can find angel investors and risk capital.

Sina Afra: Today being e part of the ecosystem counts, not competition.

For example, we have 20 competitors in Turkish ecosystem. Groupon created 200 competitors after it was stepped into Turkish market. This volatility begins to settle down in Turkey today.

Sidar Şahin: We used to work 7 days a week at the beginning. Now we have an enthusiastic team working 6 days and an entrepreneur identity.

Alemşah Öztürk: Young population wants to be entrepreneurs, instead of staying at university.

Nevzat Aydın: Today, Yemeksepeti is in Russia and United Arab Emirates. We are planning to step into 4 other markets in 4 months.

Turkish have an understanding of trying new things, new applications, gadgets, websites etc. Because people do not want to feel outdated. This gives Turkey an important market potential.

Cenk Bayrakdar: Turkish is one of the most common spoken languages in the world. Even the users in other countries from the region find it comfortable to open to the rest of the world through Turkish companies.

Sina Afra: We will see much more Turkish companies getting investment from international companies in 2012-2013. Because instances like Gittigidiyor and Markafoni has caught the attention of foreign investors. In the coming years, we will see examples in top ten in Europe.

Alemşah Öztürk: We are not behind the rest of the world in terms of social networks. There are 30 million Facebook, 6,5 million Twitter users in Turkey. There are many important opportunities for companies aiming to start businesses on social Networks; its tools are just starting to develop, therefore the potential is big.

As Internet is more widely used, even homemakers watch TV online.

Cenk Bayrakdar: When we started Mobile TV, people used to watch 8-12 minutes of games on their phones. When we extended the limit, they started to watch whole games.

Credit card penetration is also high but there are also some population who does not own credit cards. We encourage them to mobile payment.

Sidar Şahin: We are developing two new mobile games now. We have big goals for mobile; e-trading, gaming, payment etc. will move to mobile. People in Turkey do not socialize outside like people in Germany. This makes home Internet users a large potential.

The session has ended. Steffi Czerny, DLD founding partner, said ‘güle güle’ (goodbye) and farewelled the guests.

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