Webrazzi Conferences Announced!

Following  Webrazzi Summit in 19 October 2011, we were mostly asked about our conferences in 2012.

We have been working as hard as we can, but we can share the details of Webrazzi Conferences with you now. We have made great effort moving to our new office, making our new friends feel home in our team, and completing new product based projects, including Webrazzi TV; so I can say maybe we are not very late about it. Now that I think, no, we are not very late.

Let me tell you about the details now…

We won’t be having Webrazzi Agenda in 2012.Instead, we will be with you on Webrazzi Conferences, which are similar to Webrazzi Summit, but the difference is Webrazzi Conferences will be focusing on a single topic while being a whole day event like Webrazzi Summit. Here are the details on the conferences, which are each 500 people events.

First of conference series will be  Webrazzi E-Commerce’12 Conference at Point Hotel Barbaros in 15 February 2012. I want to highlight this. You can have detailed information on these Webrazzi Summit like, more networking enabled, stand area offering and whole day conferences. And you can register before it is late.

The second of Webrazzi conference series will be Webrazzi Digital’12 Conference at Point Hotel Barbaros in 14 March 2012. As with Webrazzi E-Commerce’12, it will be a whole day event and offer a conference program that we will all focus only on Digital Marketing and Advertising. You register for it as of today. You can register now, and details are here.

The third of our conference series will be Webrazzi Startup’12 Conference at Point Hotel Barbaros in 15 May 2012. This concept is one that I regret to not having until today and which Webrazzi readers show a great demand to it, so finally we are making it true.

Webrazzi Startup’12 will be a program for only start-up owners, entrepreneurs and investors and will be again a whole day event, which at the same time will have start-up presentations and a contest.

We know that global investors will show great interest for Webrazzi Startup’12 Conference, and it will provide a valuable networking and business development platform for Turkey’s internet ecosystem.

Registrations for Webrazzi Startup’12 are available now. You can register now, and details are here.

Webrazzi Summit will be in October 2012

Among Webrazzi events, people are mostly curious about when Webrazzi Summit will be held…We will announce the exact dat of Webrazzi Summit, which will be held in October 2012.

As we are planning a larger organization compared to previous years, we need some more time,

Below are the conferences and their dates in short;

Webrazzi E-Commerce’12 Konferansı – 15 February 2012, Point Hotel Barbaros

Webrazzi Digital’12 Konferansı – 14 March 2012, Point Hotel Barbaros

Webrazzi Startup’12 Konferansı – 15 May 2012, Point Hotel Barbaros

Would you like to be a sponsor?

Sponsor interviews for Webrazzi Conferences (E-Commerce’12Digital’12Startup’12) and Webrazzi Summit have started this week. Companies wishing to sponsor can ask for sponsorship document at etkinlik@webrazzi.com or have a look at sponsorship page at Webrazzi Events website for detailed information.

You can have detailed info on all of our conferences at www.webrazzi.com/etkinlik and register now.

Also, you might want to see pictures from Webrazzi Summit 2011, while waiting for Webrazzi Conferences, which will be focusing on a single topic, with the spirit of Webrazzi Summit.

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