2011-2012 Evaluation Article Serie [Infograph]

As you know, we had started an article series towards the end of 2011. We have created an infograph to sum up with the article series and give hints on the year 2012 for entreprenuers. To do this, we have talked to 19 people who can make investments. There are very valuable people on the list whom we have not been able to talk, but we could not talk to every people in this busy season of the year.

Let’s review the infograph in general terms; considering some of them are joint investments, there are more than 50 investment opportunities waiting for entreprenuers in 2012. As there are nearly 300 new projects in a year, you have a very high chance of receiving investment, as long as you have a good team and you provide the matching project for the matching investor with the right focus area. Areas that attract investors include e-trading, gaming and mobile. Of course you need to have past experiences along with the team, your vision, the degree to which you embrace your business, the growth rate of the market and how much of it you are aiming to get.

I have noticed everyone agrees that 2012 will be the year of vertical e-trading, but mobile is also often highlighted and this is a nice tip gor those who have ideas on mobile. Last year Instagram was very popular for mobile, and with its user-friendliness and simple advantage service, it left behind many global companies.

Everyone seems to agree on the importance of team and also entrepreneurs. Not being able to bulid up a good team is a major problem. This is the problem of not only Turkey but also in other countries, even in the US. That’s why there are many companies Bu nedenle sırf ekibi iyi diye fikri kötü olsa bile yatırım yapılan firmaların sayısı oldukça fazla.  “Stock option” is widely used to motivate building up good teams in the US. Looking at the infograph, we can also conclude that maybe companies will start using this option begining from 2012. Entreprenurs should bear in mind that receiving investment is a form of partnership, and partnerships should be profit-oriented, even in the long term. They should aim to be a growing and profitable company, without trying to be new Zuckerbergs.

These are my personal comments; you can see the infograph or visual table and review the rest.

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