Mikro Ödeme receives investment from Mediterra Capital

One of the major Turkish mobile payment services, Mikro Ödeme, has received investment from Mediterra Capital. Information on the amount has not been shared with us yet, but it was announced that Mediterra Capital has acquired majority shares of Mikro Ödeme.

The management of the company will be the same after the acquisition, while Alper Akcan will continue to do his duty as shareholder and GM.

It was also added that Mikro Ödeme is the leader in Turkish mobile payment market with a share of 65 percent, and it is now aiming to show a speedy growth with the support of the investment it got from Mediterra Capital.

Started in 2008 and introduced to you with the first Webrazzi Agenda: Mobile Payment and Location Based Services event in February 2009, Mikro Ödeme became more powerful on mobile payment in 2010. The company got its credit card payment system online with 3pay, which it first announced at Webrazzi Agenda: Online Gaming event in 2011. Again in 2011, the company brought Zynga gaming cards to Turkey and took its first step into pre-paid gaming cards.

Mikro Ödeme General Manager Alper Akcan has said that the company is planning to become one of the most powerful companies not only in Turkey but also in the region with the support of this investment.

Original Post: Mikro Ödeme, Mediterra Capital’den yatırım aldı

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