Webrazzi Almanac 2011

2011 has been a year with major advances for Turkish internet industry. Apart from foreign investors’ great interest in Turkish market, Gittigidiyor acquisition by eBay and Markafoni acquisition by Naspers as majority shareholder have been significant milestones for the industry.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers investment of 26 million dollars in Trendyol and Amazon investment in ÇiçekSepeti towards the end of the year, which was its first investment in Turkey, were major developments for our e-trading market.

Other good developments were the huge interest in Webrazzi Summit by local and international participants in October and many major internet companies including Facebook, Twitter and Zynga took their places in the event, which was sponsored by 24 companies.

Intel Capital making investment in Nokta and Grupanya, Peak Games reaching a total of 19 million dollars investment before its first year ended, Hummingbird Ventures investing in MarkaVIP and ÇiçekSepeti, ePlanet Capital investment in VipDükkan, Mekanist and Grou.ps receiving investments and Fizy acquisition by Turkcell are just proofs of how this year was so exciting.

The first half of 2011 was going to end with the block on Blogspot, in addition to many local start-ups, but our agenda suddenly changed when BTK decided to filter the internet. Despite various reactions, internet filter was put to use by the end of the year and is being actively used now.

The most saddening news of 2011 was about Steve Jobs, founder of Apple and inspiration for many entrepreneurs, leaving us, without a doubt.

You can reach a list of news of 2011 below, which we have chosen among hundreds of news. Since most of the articles below were not published at Webrazzi Global, titles are in Turkish, but you can give a shot at Google Translate 🙂

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