You can Have Rental Domain Names with Nokta Domains New Service

You already know that many great domain name sales news bear sign. This company is also among the portfolios tracked globally for domain names.

You might remember our former reports on which was sold for $350,000 and which was sold for $250,000. The report I wish to share with you now is not about retail, but it has an important place in Turkey’s domain names market because of the brand new model it brought in. has started providing a service for the names in its portfolio, allowing everyone wishing to rent the listed domain names.

For instance, you may rent the domain name which has a value of $25.500 – $41.000 marketing price, paying a fee of $265 per month and use it for your enterprise  idea.

As part of the domain name rental service the company also offers alternate rates for advance or monthly payment on long-term deals.

The company provides a number of pricing options for prepayment or monthly payment for long term contracts as part of domain name rental service. has started a model similar to long term car rental model, and I believe it is a service worth considering. With this service, both the unsold domains od will be utilized, and the people who need these domain names prevent high initial investment costs.

You can have a look at website and review full list of domain names by clicking “Lease Domains” link and the one that catch your interest.

I believe start-up owners who have projects should definitely have a look at “” and “”. They won’t be on the list forever

Original Post: Nokta Domains’in Yeni Servisi ile Jenerik Alan Adlarını Kiralayabilirsiniz

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  1. Norbert Lukacsi |

    An interesting concept, although I would be weary of setting up a business around a domain name that I am renting. Purely for the fact that if you can’t pay it anymore, someone else can muscle in on your hard work and use your business.



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