The Results are in for Qualcomm Mobile Business Idea and Application Competition

Qualcomm’s contest looking for mobile start-up owners “Mobile Business Idea and Application Contest” is over and the results are in. A total of 16 mobile business ideas made it to the finals to be selected by the jury on December 21. The competition gives a total cash prize of 50,000 TL and the awards were presented with an event.

The winner of the contest in which mobile fun, mobile health, location based services and other mobile applications and ideas were reviewed is Yener Duran with his mobile bussiness idea named Treasures and Traps. Treasures and Traps is a location based social network game supported with augmented reality and has brought Yener Duran a 30,000 TRY (15,000 USD) prize.

The entrepreneur who won a prize worth 20.000 TL with his application called Adım Sayar (Pedometer) was Onur Özkol. This application counts each step people take throughout the day, and enables them to share this data on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, while encouraging users to develop a healthier lifestyle.

The Story Maker became the third of the competition. Tansu Kendirli, who has been working on applications for children education, has ben awarded 5 thousand TRY with the help of his experience. His application enables users easily develop mobile applications by combining drawing, music and sound records with tales and stories, without the need for software knowledge or talent. Tansu Kendirli aims to help people create interactive and useful items for children, especially for mental development of children.

The jury included major names from Internet world: Arda Kutsal, Burak Büyükdemir, and Cem Sertoğlu. Special awards were also presented on this event.

  1. Augmented Reality: IstanbulLive – Engin Şenalp
  2. Mobile Entertainment: Barcode Player – Ahmet Keleş, Gökçe Karalezli and Buket Karalezli
  3. Mobile Tools: EasyApp – Emre Ertan, Mert Sevinç, Sarp Erdağ and Yavuz Dalkılıç
  4. Social Media: Play or Love – Gürel Yıldız
  5. Mobile Health: Kanka – Talat Demir and Ramazan Hocaoğlu
  6. Location Based Applications: Taxi Buddy – Şahin Erdemir and Ahmet Özkan
  7. Finance Service, Information or News Services: Pronunciation – Ersin Gülbahar

Qualcomm Turkey GM Barış Ruacan says Turkey is a very active country in terms of mobile use, and I believe that this competition has opened the way for new start-up owners for the coming years.

Original Post: Qualcomm Mobil İş Fikri ve Uygulama Yarışması Sonuçlandı

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