Fizy’s targets for 2012 – Digiturk channel and premium membership are on the way!

We have learned that there are some exciting announcements on the way for Fizy, the popular music service started by Ercan Yarıs and whose majority shares were acquired by Turkcell.

First let me say that Fizy has benefited from the synergy between Turkcell’s group companies and will have a channel on Digiturk.

Fizy’s Digiturk channel might be one of the first surprises of year 2012, and I believe that it will be very effective and useful. We have also learned that Fizy might work with D-Smart for a similar channel besides Digiturk.

Fizy will be in international markets

I think it is significant that Fizy is expanding to countries that Turkcell provide services. Turkcell currently operates in Germany, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) but we have no information regarding in which countries Fizy will be available. Yet we know that Fizy will be providing service in three or four of these countries initially.

Premium membership is on its way

We heard that Fizy has no problems regarding advertising revenue and diversification of the revenue model is on the schedule for 2012. Also premium membership model will be launched but details on premium membership benefits are not available yet.

Fizy Shop will offer Fizy branded products

Along with premium membership, Fizy Shop will be opened on March 2012 where Fizy branded  products will be on sale. With products like music players and headphones, Fizy Shop will be demonstrating a rare working model among other e-brands.

Will be listed on the stock Exchange in 2 years

Turkcell’s plans for Fizy are not limited to new features and global expansion. As we have learned, the company is also planning to get Fizy listed on stock exchange in 2 years as management plans.

I don’t know if Fizy will be in the stock market in 2 years’ time but there’s one thing I’m sure of. Fizy bears the potential to be a global success since the day it was started, and might be one of the major players in Turkey, that expand globally, supported by its international marketing activities.

Original Post: Fizy’nin 2012 Hedefleri – Digiturk Kanalı ve Premium Üyelik Yolda!

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