Hazinem Pırlanta: Major Investors Invest in Diamond

Emre Kurttepeli mentioned about his interest in vertical e-trading in this year’s Webrazzi Agenda E-commerce Meeting, and he confirmed this interest once again. A fresh startup, Hazinem Pırlanta A.Ş., is the new vertical e-trading investment with its experienced management team and major investors, including Emre Kurttepeli.

The startup will be offering diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, and earrings sale on the internet and offering its services at Hazinem.com.

Hazinem.com gets online today, so you can have a look at it now, or read about the details of the company below.

Sevgi Karagülle Soysal, former GM of Pera Pırlanta has started this new startup with a capital of 140 thousand TRY. While the majority shareholder is Sevgi Karagülle Soysal, Mahmut Ünlü and Emre Kurttepeli has 4%, and 212 capital fund GM Numan Numanbayraktaroğlu has 2%, Haluk Elçi 10% shares at Hazinem Pırlanta.

2007 data reveal that 650 million dollar diamond industry in Turkey is growing rapidly, and it is not hard to see the large potential Hazinem.com has got. Emre Kurttepeli, one of the most successful angel investors, takes place in this business with a small investment, but it is for sure that he will be very influential in the future of the initiative.

We will all wait and see if Tiger & Kurttepeli consortium will act together this time as we have seen in many examples before.

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