Foursquare Gives Special Badge to Istanbul

Last week we wrote that Foursquare has reached 15 million users, and the number of its members continues to rise rapidly. Foursquare puts its users in a race with its badges, and receives very nice feedbacks with its special badges and encourages Foursquare usage.

Foursquare used to work with its partners, and create special badges for them to encourage its use. Some of them that first come to my mind are American Red Cross badge that are exclusively given to people who check-in to blood donation centers in the US and donate blood, and NASA Explorer badge which an astronaut first received upon making check-in to the space; of course you don’t need to check-in to the space to receive it, you can have it on visiting some museums and space centers of NASA.

Foursquare began to work on some special items for cities. City badges can be received by checking in specific places of a city. First Windy City badge was for Chicago. Then La Ville-Lumière badge for Paris; London Calling badge for London and Bosphorus Badge for Istanbul!

You have to check-in at 5 different and important places of cities. There are 48 places determined for Bosphorus Badge for now. You can get the badge once you check in for 5 of them.48 places Foursquare announced are as follows:

1. Bosphorus Bridge
2. Bağdat Street
3. İstiklal Street
4. Kadıköy
5. Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge
6. Grand Bazaar
7. Nişantaşı
8. Bebek
9. Ortaköy Meydanı
10. Galata Tower
11. Maiden Tower
12. Sapphire Seyir Terası
13. Topkapı Palace
14. Çiçek Pasajı
15. Sultanahmet Meydanı
16. Hagia Sophia Museum
17. Sultanahmet Mosque
18. Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena
19. Reina
20. Anjelique
21. Nevizade
22. Sortie
23. Suada Club
24. Babylon
25. Asmalımescit
26. İstinyePark
27. Kanyon
28. Cevahir
29. Palladium
30. City’s Nişantaşı
31. Kitchenette
32. Happy Moon’s
33. Hamdi Restaurant
34. Mano Burger
35. Kızılkayalar (Bağdat Street)
36. Kızılkayalar (Taksim)
37. Kırıntı
38. Midpoint
39. Galata Muhallebicisi
40. Namlı Gurme
41. Nuteras
42. Çiya Sofrası
43. İstanbul Modern
44. İstanbul Aquarium
45. Turkuazoo
46. Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadyumu
47. İstanbul Park
48. Türk Telekom Arena

Original Post: Foursquare’den İstanbul’a Özel Rozet

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