Germany Based Ballroom International Network Acquires Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Reklamz, one of the leading Turkish advertising networks, has been acquired by Germany-based Ballroom International Network. The acquisition a contract included its sister companies Linkz and SEM A.Ş.

Ballroom International included Reklamz, Vidyoda, SEM and Linkz to its network after acquiring all sister companies, which offer advertising and digital services, and updated its website as necessary. You can see Ballroom International’s networks and partners here.

While we do not have confirmed info about the amount of this acquisition, we do have some hearsay information and we are trying to have those confirmed.

As per the contract, Turkish partners of Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş. have acquired 10 percent of Ballroom International, and thus partnered in this operation and long-term partnership.

Turkish partners of Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş. have acquired 10% shares of Ballroom International, and thus partnered in the operation and long-term partnership as per the contract.

I believe that Orkun Tekin, who has made other investments besides Reklamz before, will speed up his investments in the industry with this new development. So Reklamz acquisition gains great value as foreign investment has taken place in Turkey and the number of angel investors will increase with this development.

Reklamz founder Orkun Tekin has confirmed the news and gave some extra info

Orkun Tekin said following the acquisition he has become board member and head of Strategically Investments and Development at Ballroom International.

He added that Ballroom International will export SEM, Linkz and Vidyoda’s products and services to 5 countries.

Ballroom International is getting ready for public offering

This acquisition was finalized with the capital made by the investment which Ballroom International has received from a Polish group for its 35 percent shares a while ago. This acquisition is affected by the fact that Ballroom International is getting ready for public offering. The company is getting ready for publics offering in 2012 in Poland, and also getting ready for stock market with an international expansion.

Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş. will have a total turnover of 35 million TRY in 2011

There are various hearsay information on valuation of Reklamz, Linkz and SEM A.Ş., since Ballroom International, with a total valuation of 30 million Euros, has transferred 10 percent of the company to Turkish partners. Orkun Tekin has not commented or said anything about this, but said the total turnover of companies will be more than 35 million TL in 2011.

Reklamz and sister companies may have been valued at 15 million dollars

It can be said these hearsay information is most probably correct, as total valuation of acquisition is nearly 15 million dollars. Although Orkun Tekin does not make any comments, it is probable for a group making 35 million TL turnovers to have been valued at 15 million dollars. Of course I am just guessing here, so we will update you on this in the coming days.

Reklamz is the first digital media sales house to receive foreign investment

There were no digital media sales houses to receive foreign investment in Turkey so far, so it won’t be wrong to say that Reklamz is the first among them. I believe this is a new period for the industry, and we will most probably hear news about similar investments and acquisitions of other advertising networks.

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