CubeCDN: Owners of Mackolik Invest in CDN Technology

Content Distribution Network (CDN) technology is one of the major steps to address the needs of today’s web hosting industry. Particularly large web sites’ contents are hosted in servers that are in various physical locations and connected using CDN, gaining advantage in terms of security, traffic managements and speed.

CDN technology bears a major importance for recent popular concept, cloud, while its use is getting more and more popular and is attracting investors at the same time.

Latest example of this is CubeCDN. Started by Kerem Copcu and Yaşar Semih Alev and developed since 2011, CubeCDN is ready to make 15 Gbps data transfer. The start-up received investment from Erdem Yurdanur and Tarkan Onar, from Kokteyl group and owner of Maçkolik and MarkMost and has started to operate under the name CDN A.Ş.

CubeCDN offers service in İzmir, İstanbul, Bursa and Ankara and Germany, Holland, England, France and the US. The current shares of the company are as follows:

The team started and ran Turkey branch of Netdirekt, German web hosting company, until it was bought by Leaseweb, and continue to offer leased server and cloud services, apart from CDN. The data on reveal that it is one of the largest 15 companies in Turkey.

The companies which use CubeCDN’s service include Hürriyet, Milliyet, Kanal D, Star TV, Trendyol, Posta, Timsah, UzmanTV, Sporx, Arabam, Milliyetemlak, MedyaNET, HızlıAl, Beyaz Gazete, Ensonhaber, Tamindir and Valensas.

As the company already continues its operations and makes revenue, the fact that new partners will add knowledge and networking support to the company is more important than the financial side of this investment. With this support, CDN solutions, which were under the same roof with other web hosting solutions before, is starting to go on as a separate company.

Erdem Yurdanur says that the process of this investment began with starting the improvements for hosting and uptime for high traffic websites like Mackolik and Sahadan.

While the problem of increase in the traffic of these websites was addressed by bringing new servers before, transition to CDN technology brought considerable improvements in performance and cost, which became one of the major factors affecting the investment decision. CDN infrastructure made in 2 months’ time increased uptime period of these two websites by %100, while decreasing costs by a quarter. Also, as all of the files of web sites began to be hosted in Turkey, which in turn gained a major advantage in terms of speed.

Erdem Yurdanur had been busy with start-ups and investments for Internet until today, and explains the reason for this investment which is based on infrastructure and high technology:

I believe that CDN will gain more importance in Turkey in a short time, because now every job should be done by its professionals. The traffics have increased so much that websites should now make transition to a more professional structure like CDN, instead of hosting themselves. Every website in the world choose to use CDN technology now.

This is the first investment CubeCDN has received, but Erdem Yurdanur says the company will attract more investors in short time:

CDN A.Ş. is currently providing service to many large businesses, while continuing to invest in technology. I believe that there will be more investors or strategic partners that will wish to invest in our company in the next years. But our priority is to provide continuous customer satisfaction and be the number one service provider for websites that want to host their traffic in Turkey and wish to make use of real CDN service, for now.

Kerem Copcu says CubeCDN will offer services to large websites, while offering its services to small and medium sized websites with its new structure that will be used instantaneously, after integrating with WordPress and smiliar automation systems with its automation system in 2012.

Original Post: CubeCDN: Maçkolik’in Sahiplerinden CDN Teknolojisine Yatırım

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