Visitor Numbers for Private Shopping Websites in October by comScore

Private shopping market has been achieving a steady growth compared to group shopping market, and we thought taking a closer look to this market would be fine. So we requested October data from comScore. The data below reveals that the market is developing steadily.

Private shopping market has achieved serious growth in terms of not only penetration, but also turnover figures. We will publish a detailed article on this issue later on.

I want to remind you here that below list is made up from comScore measurement for private shopping websites, which means that these do not show the turnovers of companies. comScore’s October data for private shopping websites reveal that Markafoni has achieved 300 percent growth and is the 1st on the list with its total unique visitor number. The company is aiming to be a brand of 1 billion dollars in 3 years, and it reached 3.34 million unique visitors in October.

We see limango as the 2nd on the list with 3.059 million unique visitors in October. The company is the flagship of Otto Group in Turkey and has sped up with TV ads lately. Limango is followed by Trendyol with 2.531 million unique visitors in October. Trendyol received an investment of 26 million dollars in August and  raised its total amount of investment to 50 million dollars, while it has the largest number of average minutes per visit with 7.5 minutes.

Below you can find the complete list that we will analyze in detail further.

Trendyol is followed by, which received 5 million dollar investment in June and the company has reached 2.071 million unique visitors in October.

Morhipo from Boyner Group is the fifth on the list with 1.672 million unique visitors. As the company has made huge expenses for advertising including TV ads, it is probable that it can be an important threat for in terms of penetration.

While a little underestimated Clubboon is on the 6th with 1.125 million unique visitors on comScore’s list. Clubboon targets the general audience in private shopping, besides woman/man textile apparel, children and home categories. The service has reached 1.086 million unique visitors in October and is neck and neck with another underestimated service,

Daybuyday, supported by Hepsiburada, is another name on the list that we should keep an eye on. The service is on the 8th place on the list with 953 thousand and can increase its penetration in the coming period.

The 9. on the list is This service is another underestimated service, while with 698 thousand unique visitors it has reached in October; I can say that this service has gone into our radar too. focuses on vertical parts in private shopping market and sells only home decoration products. has reached 476 thousand unique visitors, with the support of female users who dominate private shopping market. is followed by, owned by Doğuş Grubu, and focuses on premium brands and products. The number of unique visitors reached in October is 317 thousand.

Alamarka, one of the first brands of private shopping and leading services once, follows with 212 thousand unique visitors, being the 12th on the list.

Another vertical private shopping website on the list is Unnado. The service focuses on mother, baby and child products and reached 140 thousand unique visitors in October. The start-up had received investment from iLab Ventures, and I believe we should follow this service in the coming months.

I want to highlight once again that this list is from comScore’s October data, and does not reveal any info about the companies’ turnover figures.

Finally, there is, which was not on the list but will be measured by comScore in November. We will be sharing data about the service in the coming days. comScore has said that November report will include

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    There are 13 companies in the list and even Markafoni burns money every single month.I Don’t believe that they will make money with that tough competition.


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